Building Happier Workplaces

We engage your employees, analyze your culture & grow your organization while you take your business to the next level

We are your culture Co-Pilot

Carefully crafted Conversations, NLP driven Analytics, actionable Activities & Nudges for your growth streamlined together with Deming Cycle.

1. Diagnose

Diagnose the realtime health of your organization with our conversations. Eliminate long, boooring surveys!

2. Analyse

Only simple, effective & actionable insights that are rooted in Psychology for CXOs. Skip the confusing Jargon.

3. Solve

AI-Powered activities and nudges sent at the right time to grow your people. Skip the delays and in-action.

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Lightning fast feedback

Skip long boilerplate Surveys

Allow your people to be themselves and speak their mind with personalized responses. Give them a lasting experience.

  • Takes < 30 seconds
  • Complete Anonymity
  • Non Repeating Questions
  • Rooted in Psychology
  • Open Ended
  • Engaging Experience
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More speed. Less friction

Simple Frictionless Analytics

Analytics so simple that you can skim over your organization in < 3 mins. We empower you with actionable steps to address cultural issues.

  • Realtime
  • Highlight Pain Points
  • Exact Sources up to Team Level
  • Understands the Pulse
  • 360° Analysis
  • Industry Standard Metrics
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Solutions that drive growth

Nudges & Activites

Psychology backed nudges and activites guiding your people towards better habits and unlocking the potential of your organization.

  • Nobel Prize Winning Concept
  • Targeted & Personalized
  • Better Behaviour
  • Team Bonding
  • Individual Growth
  • Engaging Experience

Super Smooth Workflow Experience

From onboarding to exit, we make it seamless for both Employers & Employees.

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Go Remote like you never went Remote

We have built the product keeping remote culture in mind. Leave it to us to make you feel like your company never went remote! Our product gets all the users in one platform and grows them using remote-friendly nudges & activities that grow individuals on ever level.

Culture is for Everyone!

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Be the change you want to see

. For CXOs

We know you need the ROI and we got it for you. Study has consistently shown happy employees lead to better output. Allow us to take over while you focus on ROI.

. For HRs

We know your hands are full with a zillion employee issues. Allow us to nurture your people while you focus on other important HR operations.

. For Employees

We know you want to work at a place you love and feel appreciated. We make sure to bring that exact warmth & comfort into the organization.

Advised by the Best

Ray Green's Photo

Ray Green

Ray is an entrepreneur and consultant with deep expertise in leading cultural transformation as a CEO, consultant, and coach. He is the founder of Sales Leadership Foundations, a community for culture-oriented sales leaders, and serves as a strategic advisor to Nasch.

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Clint Carlos

Clint is an HR veteran with 3 successful exits in the HR tech space and also an Ex-Partner at Gallup. He is currently running Clint brings a tremendous amount of experience and value to our product which helps us serve our customers better.

Pete Havel's Photo

Pete Havel

Pete is a consultant, trainer and speaker for leading organizations on the issues of workplace culture and organizational leadership. Pete is a former lobbyist and political consultant who proudly served some of America's leading pro-business advocacy organizations.

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Culture is anti-fragile

Culture is a system that gets better when it is subjected to stress. Most systems break under pressure, but culture is not one of them.

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