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We are your culture Co-Pilot

Carefully crafted Conversations, NLP driven Analytics, actionable Activities & Nudges for your growth streamlined together with Deming Cycle.


Diagnose the realtime health of your organization with our conversations. Eliminate long, boooring surveys!


Only simple, effective & actionable insights that are rooted in Psychology for CXOs. Skip the confusing Jargon.


Psychology-Powered activities and nudges sent at the right time to grow your people. Skip the delays and in-action.

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Lightning fast feedback

Allow your people to be themselves and speak their mind with personalized questions.

Simple frictionless analytics

Analytics so simple that you can skim over your organization in less than 2 mins.

Psychology based nudges & activities

Psychology backed nudges & activites guiding your people towards better behaviors & unlocking their potential

Lightning fast feedback

Allow your people to be themselves and speak their mind with personalized questions.

Takes < 30 seconds
Complete Anonymity
Non Repeating Questions
Rooted in Psychology
Open Ended
Engaging Experience

Psychology based nudging

Nobel Prize winning behavioral science concept to help your employees engage better and managers manage better.

Personalized insights for everyone at scale

Psychology backed nudges and activities guiding your people towards better habits and unlocking the potential of your organization.

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Personalized nudges for employees, managers & upper management


Highly targeted and personolized nudges on an every organizational level.

Instant Gratification

Nudges triggered in just a few minutes after questions are answered


Backed by 1k+ hours of research from IO Psychologists to address your people challenges.

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The three core values we focus on that drive a great culture


2-Way Communication

Facilitating honest, open conversations between employees and management.



Increasing trust between peers & hierarchy while maintaining anonymity



Catalyzing candid & unfiltered conversations through various avenues