Simple, transparent pricing

Get the Nasch plan that fits your needs at a special introductory price.

$30 / month
Lean plan for a lean startup, $30/mo till you are < 30 users
Features include:
  • Year-Round Questions, Nudges & Activities
  • Simple Pre-Built Dashboard
  • Personalized Reports with Tips on Culture Building
  • Email Support
Most Popular
End to End employee experience tailor made for you.
All features of Startup plus:
  • On-Demand Counselors
  • Rewards and Incentivization Program
  • Personalization / White Labeling
  • < 24 hr Support
  • Whatsapp / Call Support

Frequently asked questions

  • How long does it take to onboard once we reached out to you?

    We will get back to you within 24 hours and get you up and running as soon as we get all the details. Our onboarding process is extremely simple and requires no intervention from your side.

  • How long does it take to improve the culture of my organization once we onboard with you?

    It really depends on the kind of challenges that your people are going through and how dire it is. We work in various intensities depending on the issue but we will guide you along the way with everything related to culture setting and improvement.

  • Do you work with psychologists or counsellors to give a psychological turn to the product?

    Yes we do. Our team of counsellors & psychologists understand all the employee experience processes and design questions & nudges accordingly. We even have the capacity to design it specific to your needs.

  • But I don't want my employees to go through another adoption cycle of a product.

    You don't have to. We require no logins from the employees. The whole process is passwordless and totally seamless thus making the adoption very easy.

  • Can this product help me if my company is remote?

    Yes, it can. The product is designed to work in any environment including companies with a 100% remote workforce

  • What countries do you cater to?

    We cater to clients globally. Our software adapts to the time-zone you're in so that all communication occur during local working hours.

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